• Siena L

Cooking with Romanesco

What is romanesco? It's a cruciferous vegetable (in the same family as broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower) and not only tastes amazing, but it's really great for your overall health. Cruciferous veggies are super anti-inflammatory and are helpful in brain and heart- health and also helpful in lowering your risk of cancer. Honestly, it tastes better than the rest of the foods in it's family (...sorry cauliflower).

Romanesco from my farmer's market

I found romanesco at my farmer's market in Portland, although I'm sure you can find it at many health food stores.

If you want to try it out, it's super easy to prepare:

Steam-Roasted Romanesco

- set oven to 450°

- wash romanesco well with veggie brush

- cut into the stem a little bit and then open up the plant so that you can start to cut off the romanesco florets without getting too much of the white stem

- put a little bit of water in a pan set with foil (just enough so that theres a thin layer in the whole pan)

- use whatever spices you want to cook with! I used just salt, pepper, rosemary and avocado oil but there so many ways to cook these

- cook for 15 minutes and flip all the florets before letting it cook for another 15 minutes

Let me know what y'all think of these! If you're confused by any of these instructions, see this kinda cringe-worthy but very informative video.

Side note: the only reason you may want to hold back on cruciferous veggies is if you're having a difficult time with your digestion because these can often be a bit harder to digest, even cooked.

Note for women: cruciferous vegetables are amazing for evening out your hormones so if you're on birth control or having problem with your hormones (acne, you become godzilla during your PMS week, etc.), I would definitely recommend trying these veggies out!