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Guide to Italia

This will be a quick overview of all things Italia - one of my favorite countries in the whole world.

Siena, Italia

For an amazing trip to Italy, you will want to block out at least two weeks.

Favorite cities to travel to:

(da Sud a Nord, from South to North)

Amalfi Coast


Isola di Giglio (one of the most amazing, beautiful islands but has a sad history so is not very touristy)


Montepulciano (best gelato in the world!)

San Gimignano (small but worth going to!)


Cinque Terre (start from Riomaggiore and end in Monerosso; hike from Vernazza to Monterosso!)


Italian Alps (make sure you pass over to the Switz and French sides as well!)

Venezia (you either end up loving it or hating it, but you have to go)

Keep in mind I have NOT been to Sicily, but plan on going sometime soon! I've heard this island off the coast of Italy (and where my family is from) is probably the most amazing place you can go to.

I also heard these places were amazing: Catania (Sicily), Perugia and Assisi, San Marino, Lucca, Bologna, Torino.

For cheap meals:

In most cities, I would just google “cheap eats in ___”, but in Italy you should especially look for aperitivo signs! Aperitivo is like an “early dinner” that’s usually from 6-8pm (yes, that’s early in Italia) in most restaurants and you’ll get a buffet AND a drink for a really good price. I would also try using Trip Advisor (Yelp isn’t super big over there).

For getting around:

Definitely look at Eurail passes if you’re going to go places by train a lot (usually when you go on longer trips like Rome to Venice, train is the best bet). Be care of train strikes, they happen a TON but they are usually planned so google ahead before you plan on going by train.

Buses are a great, super cheap way to get around from city to city. FlixBus is a great way to get around (pretty cheap and had WiFi) and is easy for going in between towns like Rome and Florence or Rome and Siena. From Florence to Siena there is a cheap (€5.40) rapida bus that you can catch at the bus station right next to the train station in Florence. In Siena you should get off at the V. Tozzi.

Instead of taxis you can use BlaBlaCar - it’s kinda their version of Uber.


Hope you can use this guide next time you plan on going to Italia!I also plan on making City Guides for Italy soon, so let me know if there's a certain city you want me to focus on first!

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